Alternate Routes to Licensure

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The Clark County School District is the largest employer in Nevada with a diverse workforce of more than 40,000 employees. Our collective goal is to build a thriving school district where all students graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a global society. Achieving this goal requires talented people, both in and out of the classroom, with a wide variety of skill sets.

Discover various alternative routes to becoming a licensed teacher in Nevada! We believe the best program is the one that suits you. Check out the list of programs below, and feel free to contact them for details on coursework, qualifications, and pricing. Please note, these programs are independent of the Clark County School District, which does not offer an ARL program.

CCSD Alternate Routes to Licensure Careers

Is ARL for you?

What is ARL?

The Alternative Route to Licensure program is a fast-paced program where you have the possibility of receiving your conditional teaching license in the state of Nevada after completing one of the available programs.

Nevada DOE Candidate Information.

Do I need a bachelor’s degree?
  • Conferred Bachelor’s Degree (GPA varies by program)
  • Passing Praxis® Core or CBEST® Scores
  • Passing Praxis® Subject Assessment Scores (secondary only)

As approved by the State of Nevada, passing scores are required on the designated assessments for admittance into an ARL program.

What is the specific coursework I have to take to complete my ARL license?

Nevada Department of Education (NDE) Coursework Requirements and Provision Removal:
The NDE issues each conditional license with specific provisions, which teachers must remove by the date indicated. Additionally, new ARL teachers must complete required coursework for each area of licensure at Nevada State College. ARL teachers have three years from the date of conditional licensure to complete all coursework and remove all provisions.

Successful Evaluations:
ARL teachers must teach in their area of licensure in a CCSD public school—charter schools do not qualify. There are over 360 schools in Clark County School District, and teachers don’t have to teach at the same school for all three years. ARL teachers need to receive successful evaluations for their first three years and can convert their conditional license in as few as two years.

What testing do I have to take for an ARL license?

All candidates must take and pass all sections of the Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators assessment or the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST®) prior to receiving a completion certificate from the program provider. Candidates interested in a secondary program must take and pass an additional Praxis® Subject Assessment in their desired area of licensure prior to receiving a completion certificate from the program provider.
Learn more about how to register for testing and test preparation assistance here.

Does CCSD provide support to ARL teachers?
Support during the first year of teaching is crucial for success. ARL supports its new teachers during their first year with CCSD in many different ways.

  • Each new ARL teacher is paired with a mentor once they start teaching. ARL teachers meet weekly with their mentors for support and guidance.
  • ARL teachers are part of an online community where they can connect with other ARL teachers, ask questions, and stay updated on important information.
  • New ARL teachers complete additional CCSD professional development hours. A teacher’s assigned professional development is shared via email after hiring.

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